Deploy the Workplace Chat MSI for your organization using group policies

The MSI (Microsoft Installer) is an installer package file format used by Windows for the installation, storage and deletion of programs.
To deploy the Workplace Chat MSI for your organization:
  1. Download the Workplace Chat MSI.
  2. Copy the MSI to a shared folder so that the installer can be deployed over the network.
  3. Open the Group Policy Management tool.
  4. Expand Forest - Domains - <your domain>.
  5. Right click <your domain> and select Create GPO in this domain, and Link it here...
  6. Choose an appropriate name for the Group Policy and click OK.
  7. Right click the group policy that you've just created and click Edit.
  8. Go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software installation.
  9. Right click Software installation and select New - Package.
  10. Browse to the shared folder, select the Workplace Chat MSI and click Open.
  11. Close the Group Policy Management Editor.
  12. Right click the group policy again and select Enforced.
  13. Open up a command line prompt and enter gpupdate/force to update the group policies.
  14. Restart the server when asked by the command line.
Note: For information about Workplace Chat MSI deployment features, check this article.
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