Who can enable Workplace integrations?

The ability to enable integrations depends on the type of integration, and if you're the admin of a group or the admin of your organization's Workplace community.
As a group admin, you can go to the Integrations tab in the groups you're an admin of. From the Integrations tab:
  • You can enable feeds from a range of media publishers and set up custom feeds from any service that supports RSS or Atom.
  • You can link a folder from a cloud storage service to your group.
  • You can link a folder from Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Quip and Box — but only if your Workplace community admin has enabled these integrations first.
  • If your admin has set up one or more custom integration, you may have the option to enable these integrations for the people in your groups. The benefit to doing this depends on what the custom integration has been built to do - for example: it may post updates into your group, or be able to message the members of your group.
As a Workplace admin:
  • You can enable any integration listed in the Integration Directory. You can make these integrations available to everyone in your community, or you can make them available to specific people and groups within your community.
  • You can create Custom Integrations which allow you to connect Workplace to internal tools you and your organization use to get things done.
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