Set up the Dropbox integration on Workplace

You need to be a Workplace admin to set up this integration for your organization. You also need to be on a paid tier of Dropbox to use this integration.
The Dropbox integration on Workplace:
  • Lets you easily share files from Dropbox directly in Workplace on web and mobile
  • Enables authenticated previews so you can see more information about a Dropbox file without leaving Workplace
  • Lets you link a Dropbox folder to a Workplace group so teams can easily access their files and see who's working on what
How do I set up the Dropbox integration on Workplace?
If you're an admin:
  1. Go to the Workplace Integrations Directory from your computer.
  2. Search for Dropbox.
  3. Click Add to Workplace.
  4. Click Add when the dialog window opens.
  5. Sign into your Dropbox account.
  6. When asked if you want to give Workplace access to your Dropbox account, click Allow.
The Dropbox integration will now be enabled for everyone in your organization.
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