Create auto membership rules for groups on Workplace

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You can create auto membership rules so that people with specific profile fields can easily be added to your group. To add members by auto membership, you will need to be a group admin.
To add rules for auto membership from your computer:
  1. From the group, click More below the group's cover photo.
  2. Click Admin Options.
  3. Click Compose next to Set Membership Rules.
  4. Click Add Criteria.
  5. From drop-down menu, select the rules for the profiles you would like to automatically grant access to your group.
You can choose the following profile details:
  • Department
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Manager
  • Start Date
  • Division
  • Organization
Members are added to the group as soon as you click Add People on the auto membership rules. They will continue to be added when their profiles are updated and meet the requirements set by the group admin in the rules.
Disabling auto membership for your Workplace
If a system admin doesn't want auto membership enabled for their organization, they can turn it off:
  1. Click Admin PanelAdmin Panel in the left menu of Workplace.
  2. Click Settings, then click Company Settings. You may be asked to enter your password first.
  3. Click Compose next to Automatic membership, then click Turn Off to disable the feature.
Note: Once members are in the group, they will not be removed from it if they no longer meet the Auto Membership requirements.
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